Invest in Stocks

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Investing in the stock market means buying shares in listed companies, that is, acquiring ownership shares in companies.

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Invest on cryptocurrencies


To be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, you will need to go through an exchanges or a broker. Here is a comparative list of the main platforms on the market.

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Which bank to choose

quelle banque choisir.png

Let's look the main online banks and their current offers. There are free banks, under certain conditions, and also banks which offer an attractive

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This blog

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It's an experience. After a year of regular production, it is still so difficult to put online. Not so hard but not so easy.

I build my first app

je developpe ma premiere application.png

I took the challenge of transforming my web organization tool into an application. The ergonomics will be completely different. The screen will no longer be cut off by a search bar.

The 2020 crisis

la crise de 2020.png

Anticipated by many economic experts, the 2020 crisis affects economies around the world with long-term repercussions.

Agile methods

la methode agile.png

To get started, here is the Agile Development Manifesto, a one-page text written by seventeen experts in IT application development.

About colors

quelles couleurs choisir

Several studies show that color has a great influence on our perceptions and our behavior towards a brand or a product.

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Toxic people

les personnes toxiques.png

You probably have a toxic person in your environment who is literally pumping your energy up so you know what I'm talking about.


dashboard personnel

When I started to develop this business, I was quickly overwhelmed with a very large amount of things to do. I wanted to develop my own tool to make things easyier.

Secure browsing with VPN

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A virtual private network is a system for creating a direct link between remote computers. This prevents data from being catch by hackers

Development costs

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The purpose of this article is to help you understand these costs and possibly choose your future provider.

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Cognitive biases

les biais cognitifs

There are many cognitive biases that it is useful to keep in mind in the development of our projects. In this article I will introduce you to some of them.

Online sales project

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Last summer, I started to develop an online alcohol and soft delivery ordering site. This business has the particularity of being able to be set up quickly in theory with a relatively low initial investment.

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Online chat in 24h

chat en ligne en 24h.png

I set out to do a "Rush" in order to produce a functional deliverable in 24 hours. This type of project has several strengths that I will talk about

Remote work

le teletravail.png

In view of the current situation, I thought this is the best time to introduce remote work, currently many companies

My equipment

canon eos 600d.png

I will talk about the physical tools that I use in my professional and personal organization

Laws of time management

lois gestion du temps.png

In a previous article I told you about the pareto law, there are other laws that are proven. It's good to keep them in mind when you manage your business.

Pareto's law

la loi de pareto.png

If you look at your company's results, you can probably find that 20% of your customers brought you 80% of your results.

New trainee in web development

stagiaire developpement web.png

Welcome to Manuéla, a 2nd year student in a DUT Informatique at IUT de Montpellier, who will be doing a web development internship for a period of 2 months.

Why centralize your data

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In recent years, customer service expectations have evolved. Customers are more and more demanding. They want personalized service, immediate handling of their request and an equally rapid solution.

Battle Dev Contest

concours battle dev

Le 26 mars 2020 à 20h, rendez-vous pour la Battle Dev! Un moment de code collectif et convivial dont l'intégralité des fonds collectés sera reversée à l'institut Pasteur pour la lutte contre le Covid-19.

Startup Contest

startup contest

The Startup Contest business plan competition rewards entrepreneurs, startupers, project leaders, in sole proprietorship or traditional businesses.

Social media infographic

reseaux sociaux 2020.png

It is difficult today to do without social networks for your business. Lilian Grandrie-Kalinowski from the ecommerce-nation site offers us

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Wordpress downside


Attention je crache pas du tout sur Wordpress, je connais moi-même des gens qui l'utilisent, il s'agit d'un choix stratégique. Il existe cenpendant de nombreuses autres solutions sur le marché.

Why i don't canvass

pourquoi je ne demarche pas

I've often been remarked that if you want clients, you have to canvass. For my case it is a little different and I will explain the two main reasons.

2019 review

bilan 2019.png

A change of direction which certainly marks a turning point in the activity, but also a project which continues to develop.

Work with Deux-Clics

travailler avec deux clics.png

I want serious, passionate entrepreneurs. Who have value to bring to the world. Who have human values, such as respect, trust, perseverance, hard work and honesty.

Business in France

entreprendre en france.png

Champion du monde de football et destination touristique par excellence, la France est très côtée en ce moment. Mais en ce qui concerne l'entreprenariat, on en est où? Le but de cet article est de faire un point sur la situation. Je vais essayer de rester au maximum objectif.

2020's projects

projets deux clics 2020.png

When I started to develop this business, I put no financial pressure on myself to devote myself to developing my skills and my solution.

Online payment solutions

solutions paiement en ligne

Through this article I will present the main payment solutions that currently exist to be able to collect payments directly from your website.

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Best web agencies

liste agences web var

Vous recherchez une agence web dans le Var? Voici une liste détaillée des agences du secteur. Cette liste est incomplète et vos commentaires contribueront à l'améliorer.

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OVH Migration

migration chez ovh.png

It is a proven host, which has already attracted more than 1.3 million customers, 1.5 billion investments are planned in the next 5 years. This company is established in 19 different countries, including 13 in Europe for

How to write terms of sale

comment rediger ses conditions generales de vente

Les conditions générales de vente (CGV) sont des informations fournies par un fournisseur à son client sur les conditions légales de vente de ses produits ou services en l'absence d'accord spécifique. (Source wikipédia).

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Tale of Deux-Clics

histoire deux clics

If you are here, it is probably because you want to know a little more about this company. Through this article I will try to explain and help you understand the history of the creation of this business.

Buy your domain name cheaper

nom de domaine moins cher.png

Maybe your current web host is right for you, but you might also be able to make money (or rather stop losing money) by choosing another service provider.

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Roux-intervention partnership

partenariat roux interventions.png

Deux-Clics s'associe à Roux-Interventions dans le cadre de son service de dépannage à domicile. Nous serons dorénavant amenés à intervenir pour leur compte sur le secteur de Narbonne

Speed up your pc with SSD


SSDs (for Solid State Drive) offer higher performance than a conventional hard drive. Now they're affordable, and you should have one.

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Launchy, a cool little soft


Launchy is a launcher, software that allows you to quickly start an application by typing the beginning or part of its name, but it also allows you to find and launch with the associated software musics, videos, document that you want to appear there.

Google analytics introduction

google analytics.png

Google analytics is a free web audience measurement service offered by Google. It allows you to follow the evolution of traffic to your site.

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GTD method


The GTD Method is the acronym for Getting Things Done. It is a method of organization and productivity. This method has been very successful in the entrepreneurial world.

How to please google


SEO has become the number 1 priority for many businesses in recent years. More and more users are making a

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Free Google training

digital active.png

Train for free in internet marketing thanks to Digital active, a free and certified Google training

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How to write legal notice

mentions legales

Le 21 juin 2004 la loi pour la confiance dans l'économie numérique impose un ensemble de mentions qui doivent figurer sur une page facilement accessible de chaque site internet.

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Pomodoro method


I would like to share with you a productivity technique that helps me on a daily basis and which aims to be fully part of my work habits

Your editorial content


Once you have locked your global strategy on the internet, editorial content is at the heart of your digital communication.

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How to write for the web

redaction web

Writing for the web means providing visitors with the information they are looking for. But the web has its own style of writing. Here are the 4 golden rules

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New partnership


As a web agency, the choice of hosting provider is very important, especially towards our customers. We want to surround ourselves with