Agile methods

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To get started, here is the Agile Development Manifesto, a one-page text written by seventeen experts in IT application development.

Toxic people

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You probably have a toxic person in your environment who is literally pumping your energy up so you know what I'm talking about.


dashboard personnel

When I started to develop this business, I was quickly overwhelmed with a very large amount of things to do. I wanted to develop my own tool to make things easyier.

Cognitive biases

les biais cognitifs

There are many cognitive biases that it is useful to keep in mind in the development of our projects. In this article I will introduce you to some of them.

Remote work

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In view of the current situation, I thought this is the best time to introduce remote work, currently many companies

Laws of time management

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In a previous article I told you about the pareto law, there are other laws that are proven. It's good to keep them in mind when you manage your business.

Pareto's law

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If you look at your company's results, you can probably find that 20% of your customers brought you 80% of your results.

Why centralize your data

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In recent years, customer service expectations have evolved. Customers are more and more demanding. They want personalized service, immediate handling of their request and an equally rapid solution.

Launchy, a cool little soft


Launchy is a launcher, software that allows you to quickly start an application by typing the beginning or part of its name, but it also allows you to find and launch with the associated software musics, videos, document that you want to appear there.

GTD method


The GTD Method is the acronym for Getting Things Done. It is a method of organization and productivity. This method has been very successful in the entrepreneurial world.

Pomodoro method


I would like to share with you a productivity technique that helps me on a daily basis and which aims to be fully part of my work habits