My mistakes

mes erreurs.png

If you are a beginner entrepreneur or looking to improve your professional practice, don't miss this article where I share the mistakes I made

This blog

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It's an experience. After a year of regular production, it is still so difficult to put online. Not so hard but not so easy.

I build my first app

je developpe ma premiere application.png

I took the challenge of transforming my web organization tool into an application. The ergonomics will be completely different. The screen will no longer be cut off by a search bar.

Online chat in 24h

chat en ligne en 24h.png

I set out to do a "Rush" in order to produce a functional deliverable in 24 hours. This type of project has several strengths that I will talk about

My equipment

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I will talk about the physical tools that I use in my professional and personal organization

New trainee in web development

stagiaire developpement web.png

Welcome to Manuéla, a 2nd year student in a DUT Informatique at IUT de Montpellier, who will be doing a web development internship for a period of 2 months.

Why i don't canvass

pourquoi je ne demarche pas

I've often been remarked that if you want clients, you have to canvass. For my case it is a little different and I will explain the two main reasons.

2019 review

bilan 2019.png

A change of direction which certainly marks a turning point in the activity, but also a project which continues to develop.

Work with Deux-Clics

travailler avec deux clics.png

I want serious, passionate entrepreneurs. Who have value to bring to the world. Who have human values, such as respect, trust, perseverance, hard work and honesty.

Business in France

entreprendre en france.png

Champion du monde de football et destination touristique par excellence, la France est très côtée en ce moment. Mais en ce qui concerne l'entreprenariat, on en est où? Le but de cet article est de faire un point sur la situation. Je vais essayer de rester au maximum objectif.

2020's projects

projets deux clics 2020.png

When I started to develop this business, I put no financial pressure on myself to devote myself to developing my skills and my solution.

OVH Migration

migration chez ovh.png

It is a proven host, which has already attracted more than 1.3 million customers, 1.5 billion investments are planned in the next 5 years. This company is established in 19 different countries, including 13 in Europe for

Tale of Deux-Clics

histoire deux clics

If you are here, it is probably because you want to know a little more about this company. Through this article I will try to explain and help you understand the history of the creation of this business.

Roux-intervention partnership

partenariat roux interventions.png

Deux-Clics s'associe à Roux-Interventions dans le cadre de son service de dépannage à domicile. Nous serons dorénavant amenés à intervenir pour leur compte sur le secteur de Narbonne

New partnership


As a web agency, the choice of hosting provider is very important, especially towards our customers. We want to surround ourselves with