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GTD method


What is the GTD method?

GTD stands for Getting Things Done is a method of organization and productivity. This method has been very successful in the entrepreneurial world.

As far as I know, your head is made for having ideas, not for holding them. David Allen

This method is changing my life

This book is in my opinion the book that you must read if you are an entrepreneur. It's probably the book that has impacted my life the most. It is easy to read, and the method is simple to practice. it just takes a bit of discipline to be effective, but will allow you to be productive with a simple, stress-free system. I very rarely read a book twice. And this is the first book that I recommend on this blog. I can guarantee you one thing, reading this book is not an unnecessary expense, nor a waste of time.

About the Author

David Allen is an American productivity consultant. Mainly known for having created the Getting things Done method, he is also the author of several other management books.

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