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It is difficult today to do without social networks for your business. Lilian Grandrie-Kalinowski from the site ecommerce-nation offers us very good infographics for each social network in 2020 (in French). Here's a quick summary.


An online social network that allows users to post pictures, exchange messages, join and create groups, and use a variety of applications.

infographie facebook 2021


Professional online social network. Linkedin works on the principle of networking.

infographie linkedin 2021


Social network allowing its users to send, watch, comment, rate and share streaming videos. Belongs to Google.

infographie youtube 2021


Application for sharing photos and videos. ##limited in time.

infographie snapchat 2021


Social network owned by Facebook for sharing photos and videos. Available on mobile platforms, this service is also present on computers with reduced functionality.

infographie instagram 2021


Twitter, the microblogging social network that allows you to send free short messages, called tweets, on the Internet, by instant messaging or by SMS. These messages are limited to 280 characters (140 characters until November 2017).

infographie twitter 2021


Mixing the concept of social networking and photo sharing, Pinterest allows its users to share their interests and passions through ablums of frozen photographs on the internet.

infographie pinterest 2021


Mobile application for video sharing and social network widely used by young people. TikTok allows users to view music videos, as well as film, edit and share their own videos.

infographie tiktok 2021


WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile application that provides an end-to-end encrypted instant messaging system both over mobile phone networks and over the Internet.

infographie whatsapp 2021


Live video streaming service. The site mainly focuses on live video game broadcasting, including esports competition broadcasts, but diversified by the end of the 2010s (music, chat content, etc.).

infographie twich 2021


Audio conversation space for mobile devices that allows several people to converse via private rooms and by invitation. The first beta version was launched in March 2020 but this network is already widely used. Currently many subjects are treated in the various private rooms.

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