My projects for lockdown

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As I write these lines, it is Thursday, October 29, 2020 and yesterday Emmanuel Macron announced a re-containment due to the coronavirus crisis. This national confinement will take place from tomorrow (Friday, October 30) and for a minimum period of one month. During this period if I understood correctly, we are just allowed to go out shopping with a certificate if we are teleworking and have no health concerns.

I intend to "take advantage" of this period to move forward on various ongoing projects. I am writing this article partly for myself, to have an overview of what I plan to do during this period, and also to give greater visibility to the projects that I am developing, since I am not talking about them. a lot and this is logically one of the first questions that I am asked in the context of a customer service or an exchange with a potential recruiter.

SEO audit generator

In my activity I have to offer SEO audits of websites. An SEO audit to simplify is the analysis of a site at the SEO level. In recent weeks I have developed a semi automated audit generator. Here is the type of pdf currently generated . I plan to improve the layout and text content, continue to automate the process and produce the audit of 3 sites with this tool.

White book get started on the web

On this site it is proposed to receive the white book by email by filling out a form. The purpose of this white book is to identify different practices to put in place for a company wishing to launch on the Internet. Currently instead of receiving the document the user receives an email informing him that the document is not yet available. I plan to publish the first version of this book (which will change over time).

Dashy development

In a previous article I spoke about the publication of my organization tool that I developed during my projects . My goal was to produce a public version of this tool and adapt it as a mobile application. I had made good progress but I did not take the time to adapt it in the form of a mobile application. This month I plan to make a better presentation page and if I have time to take care of my first app transformation.

Development of my CMS

Simsu is the current name of the CMS that I am developing to facilitate code and site creation. My goal is to continue to improve it and improve my coding habits (snippets, process and documentation).

Customer journey development

In the back office: Integrate the audit into the proposal generator, set up and send my first newsletter, automatic reminder system for unpaid invoices.

RSL Online Store

Allow the order of a product from the catalog on the site rsl.eu with follow-up and processing of orders, addition of a carousel, work on the referencing of product pages with more content, complete missing photos on some products.


I think it already gives a good overview of the projects that are likely to monopolize me throughout the confinement. This article is also brought to be completed as we advance in time. I would like to offer a visual rendering for each project.

Agile methods

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To get started, here is the Agile Development Manifesto, a one-page text written by seventeen experts in IT application development. ... Read

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