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Secure browsing with VPN

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When you browse the internet, your data is public. invert

What is a VPN network?

virtual private network

A virtual private network is a system for creating a direct link between remote computers. This system isolates the exchanges from the rest of the traffic that takes place on public telecommunications networks.

The advantages of a VPN network

Avoid analyzing your data

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Secure your connection on public Wi-Fi.

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Protect your IP address

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Unblock some blocked sites

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Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Chaines de télévisions…

Prevent from being Geo-Localized


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List of Free VPNs

The software offers a paid subscription ranging on average from € 3 to € 12 per month depending on the length of the subscription chosen. What mainly varies is the speed you will have. Most software also offers a free version with a lower bitrate. Most VPNs also offer a 30-day trial version and can be installed on Windows, Ios, or Android.

Name Prices Installation
logo proton vpn.pngProtonVPN Plans Download
logo hotspot shield.pngHotspoShield Plans Download
logo nord vpn.pngNordVPN Plans Download
logo express vpn.pngExpressVPN Plans Download
logo cyberghost vpn.pngCyberGhost VPN Plans Download

Hotspot Shield overview

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Hotspot Shield is software compatible with mac, windows and linux. It is also supported on mobile and tablet. It is a VPN Network. It is one of the most widely used VPNs today. It has the advantage of offering a free version. The two criteria for choosing a VPN are speed and price. In terms of speed, Hotspot shield is renowned as one of the best and in terms of price it is very accessible. It has a lifetime offer that will cost you less than $ 100

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