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Why this activity is fascinating

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The most important point for me in his activity is to be passionate. To do what we love. It allows us to be able to spend hours and hours on projects without seeing the time pass. This is the case for me and in this article I will present the main reasons.

Scalable production

We develop tools that make life easier, these tools are constantly evolving. In other words, it's about making things complex and time consuming, simple and fast.

We can link the tools together, eliminate time-consuming and redundant steps

We acquire data, which can be used to improve tools, performance and results.

We benefit from a hyper-connected society, with more and more issues dealt with in depth on the Web.

We have the possibility of bringing our stone to this.

A potentially high added value service

These tools have an impact on the real market. Assuming that a single connection can have a decisive impact on the success of an activity, the potential impact can be very large.

A competitive market

We are in a very competitive market, even if it is a double-edged sword, it pushes us to be in constant evolution. To be able to adapt to change, to learn new things, to stay up to date.

Strong demand

We are also in a very high demand market. Companies are on the lookout for new developers.

It pushes to master very broad skills (Organization, Accounting, Business management, Writing, Graphics, SEO, Printing, Web development, Customer relationship and so on)

In addition to being self-employed, being your own boss, being able to choose your partners, being able to manage your time.

Of course like any activity there are drawbacks.

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