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Remote control your PC with Teamviewer


Teamviewer will allow you to access not only your pc, but also your smartphone or tablet remotely and in real time.

TeamViewer's technology has collectively been used in billions of instances, where distance and time would have prevented people from achieving their goals.

If you have a problem and have an internet connection, it will allow a technician to resolve your problem remotely. This software is free for personal use.

Simple and secure remote access

Fast and secure connection to devices around the world without the need for a VPN network

Main use cases of Teamviewer

Establish inbound and outbound remote control connections to provide real-time support or access other computers. Participate in meetings and presentations, converse with other people or groups, and make video calls.

How to install

To install Teamviewer, click on the button just below. After downloading and installing this software, you will be able to establish your first session in seconds.

Download the latest version

How to allow remote access to your computer

Once Teamviewer is installed, launch it. You will have a window like below displayed on your screen. ecran teamviewerTo allow remote access, you must provide your contact with the username and password displayed inside this window. For security reasons, the password changes each time you launch the software. By default you must have Teamviewer running to allow remote access.

About Teamviewer

Founded in 2005, Teamviewer is today the market leader in remote control and support. It has been installed on over 2 billion devices and has up to 45 million devices online at any given time.

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