About colors

quelles couleurs choisir

Several studies show that color has a great influence on our perceptions and our behavior towards a brand or a product. Each color has a hidden meaning and exerts its effects on an unconscious level.

In visual communication, it is very important to have a graphic charter comprising a set of colors defined before and which will serve as a basis for the rest. In this article, we will give a quick overview of the colors and the emotions associated with them.

Warm and cool colors

In colorimetry, we speak of hot and cold colors. Bottom Line: A color / shade can be either warm or cool. A color is said to be warm when our eye perceives a little yellow or orange in it. A color is said to be cool when our eye sees a hint of blue or gray in it. Orange is always a warm color while white and black are always cool colors. A warm color arouses a feeling of warmth and closeness, and conversely a cold color will arouse a feeling of freshness and distance.

les couleurs et emotions

Colors and associated emotions

les couleurs et emotions

Cognitive biases

les biais cognitifs

There are many cognitive biases that it is useful to keep in mind in the development of our projects. In this article I will introduce you to some of them. ... Read

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